Everyone agrees, a flawless skin base is a must for flawless makeup application; the whole deal with primers, the perfect foundation, etc. It’s a given, find the perfect foundation shade beforehand and make sure to try it out in different lighting and at different hours before wearing it to a big event.

Now, let us focus on the part where everyone thinks ‘eyeliner’ is for everyone! It isn’t, and that was a shock in itself, even to us.

Talking eyes; not every makeup style or application suits every eye shape. There are specific makeup tricks and techniques that suit different people, however, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to eye makeup. Each eye cut and shape needs to be dealt with differently from eyeshadow colors, to the thickness of the liner, to false lashes. 

Be 100% sure of the look you’re going for prior to applying anything to the eye, test it out a few times prior, take a few selfies and make sure it photographs well. Work in that magic, take your time, don’t be scared to make mistakes, correct, continue. Apply your eye makeup before anything else on the face so you have no fears of messing up what is already done. Boom, you are ready, walk in gracefully with a smile, batting your eyes and prepare to wow.