She spent a significant portion of her life in the US as she was born in Charleston, South Carolina, she spent her early years in Atlanta GA, went to college in Boston, Massachusetts and design school at Parsons in NYC. Bazza believes that these different experiences shaped who she is and most importantly her design aesthetic, turning it into a merge of Western simplicity and Eastern femininity.

How did you get into fashion?

There wasn’t just one moment. It was a snowball effect that turned into a major force in my life! At first, it started out as an appreciation of fashion which encouraged me to explore a lot of different aspects of fashion, sewing, sketching, etc. It wasn’t until I took a summer class after graduating from Boston University that I realized I wanted to be a designer.


How did you come to start your own line?

I think it was a natural progression especially having settled in Kuwait. Most designers eventually want to have their own lines and their own creative freedom to really express their artistic vision. Some choose to work for more established designers first in order to gain industry experience, but the fashion scene in Kuwait is so new that it really wasn’t an option, but this was always my ultimate goal.





Tell us about your collections.

The most recent collection titled “City Days and Nights” was inspired by the city; it is a visual combination of the architectural skyline with the billowy smoke coming out of the manholes. It’s an interpretation of the dichotomy of the hardness of city life, with the romanticism of living in the city as felt by the youth of our generation. The pieces are a mix of masculine lines softened by well-chosen fabrics and feminine cuts. The collection uses a mix of 100% silk chiffon, organza, and crepes, along with gold speckled lace to reference the twinkling buildings at night.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Modern/sophisticated, I think I combine the classic female shapes with some modern accents in sophisticated colors. I would say it’s a midpoint between Eastern and Western design.


Where do you go for inspiration?

Anywhere and everywhere! Sometimes it’s the fabric, sometimes it’s the female form, sometimes it’s a building or a work of art. It really all depends. But when I’m feeling in of some inspiration I try to break routine to get some creative thinking going. Also working on custom or couture pieces often inspires my collection, because you get to really spend a lot of time on one design and usually there’s a beautiful outcome that I try to recreate in some capacity in my ready to wear collections.

How much does travel influence your designs?

I think being relaxed is an important part of the design process. I come up with some of my favorite ideas right before bed, so when I travel it’s usually like an extended mental break and it allows my ideas to flow freely. Also being exposed to different forms of art, culture, and different aesthetics helps to inject new ideas into my designs. Being creative requires a certain frame of mind and travel really promotes and magnifies that. New experiences are always a source of inspiration.

How does that inspiration turn into reality?

I like to really figure out what makes something beautiful to me and try to recreate that through my designs.

How would you describe your personal fashion style?

I am very casual and tend to dress down most of the time, comfort is key!  I identify closely with New York City style which tends to focus on muted colors like cream, grey, and black paired with denim, I will throw in a little leather if I’m feeling fancy (and the weather’s not too hot!)

What’s next for you professionally?

I want to continue designing evening wear and maybe do some collaboration in the meantime. I think my journey is just starting and I’m open to any and all possibilities, so we’ll see what happens next! You can follow me on instagram to stay up to date on our latest work