FN Institute, a beauty salon and institute, was officially opened in 2011; a dream fulfilled by Fatima Naqi, a chance to showcase her skills acquired over time through experience and education, and an opportunity to assist upcoming makeup artists through training in her beauty institute.

Fatima Naqi has been a practicing makeup artist since 2004. Her beginnings started by studying at Al Jothen Academy in Kuwait and with Makeup Forever. She later acquired a Diploma from the Elite Makeup School located in Spain. In the year 2007, Fatima earned makeup certificates from The Jemma Kidd Makeup School in London and Beauty Base School. Additionally, she indulged in many one-on-one classes with several celebrity makeup artists in London. Fatima Naqi mastered the art airbrushing and was the first makeup artist in Kuwait to use the style of ‘airbrushed makeup’! 

When did you fall in love with makeup?

I loved makeup from a very early age. I loved the makeup in music videos and movies, in the beginning my main inspiration was from television.

When did you start your career as a makeup artist, and how?

My career as a makeup artist began in 2004, with only friends and family. I had created a space for myself at home, a professional makeup room. Over time, as I established a larger audience and a strong base in Kuwait, that’s when I decided to start my own company. 

Tell us about the makeup academy and your vision.

It was my dream to establish my very own makeup academy. A place to provide quality education and intensive training for the makeup artists-to-be, as well for makeup lovers themselves. My vision is to eventually expand to cover fashion shows and movies, and to extend this opportunity to my students as well. 

Moving on to bridal makeup, how does it differ, for you as a make-up artist, from other special occasions’ makeup application?

Bridal makeup is relevantly different than normal makeup, different in the procedure and in the sense of the ‘feeling’ aspect that comes with the occasion. The application necessarily would be the same, however, there is always that extra touch, the special touch for the bride. The makeup has to, most importantly, be flawless as well as long lasting. 

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What are the top bridal makeup trends this season?

This season we’re seeing a lot of glossy lips on brides, a fresh and glowy look, a dewy face, and a lot of grays and metallics on the eyes. The main focus is mainly going to be on the lashes. 

Do you offer Bridal Makeup Courses for aspiring makeup artists? Tell us more about that.

Yes, we do offer a 5 day bridal makeup course at the academy. It provides intensive training for the makeup artists who want to specialize particularly in bridal makeup. We aim to train them to be international makeup artists, for all kinds of brides in Kuwait, and outside Kuwait.

What is your personal go to makeup look, and how can our readers achieve it?

My focus is primarily on use highlight in spots that catch the light on the face, and contour the face further by concealing areas to bring more light to it. For example, the middle of forehead, the bridge of the nose, the upper line of the lips and the chin. Concealing under the eyes is a must! Add blusher, a touch of mascara and lip liner on the lips for a long lasting finish. I personally do not use foundation on a daily basis, I prefer to conceal only where needed and it’s a very easy and fast look to achieve.

What are your top three favorite beauty products that you cannot live without?

Clinique concealer. NARS blusher and contouring kit. And, the Yves Saint Laurent mascara.