Mr Doodle takes over Fendi Roma HQ

Fendi, but not as you know it: check out the latest rooftop performance of “Doodling FENDI ROMA” featuring Mr Doodle and powered by F is For Fendi… on top of Fendi HQ! Watch the video here…

Q: Mr. Doodle, what does FENDI mean to you?

A: FENDI to me means luxurious fun.

Q: Any anecdote from the days on set with FENDI?

A: On the first day of doodling I was drawing until about 2am, it was a really long day but I loved it. We had a great playlist of music playing whilst I was drawing with one of my massive markers and every so often I’d look over the view from the top of the rooftop and it was awesome.

It was so dark on the roof that we had these lights beaming at the letters that I was doodling over. When I looked at the reflection on the mirrored letters, because of the night sky and the white concrete floor, it looked and felt as if I was drawing on the moon or something, it was a crazy feeling that I can’t really explain.