Take a look at this… it’s our date for the end of the week. Sunday doesn’t start so badly when you know that on Thursday you’ll be in Italy and behind the wheel of Ferrari’s F8 Tributo. 

Why are we so excited?

  • The Ferrari F8 Tributo replaces the 488 GTB and gets a turbocharged V8 from the 488 GTB-derived Pista that cranks out 710 horsepower, making the F8 Ferrari’s most powerful mid-engine production car in history.
  • The F8 also features a famous design cue from the Ferrari F40 (can you guess what??)
  • The F8 Tributo features state-of-the-art aerodynamics, integrating innovations and expertise developed thanks to the company’s involvement in the GT and Challenge championships.

The new Ferrari F8 Tributo is the latest in a long and noble bloodline of mid-engined V8 berlinettas. The lineage began in 1975 with the 308 GTB, replacement for the iconic Dino 246 GT. Many of the V6 Dino’s most distinctive design touches were carried over in the Pininfarina-styled body, including the scalloped door intakes, twin circular rear taillights (reintroduced on the F8 Tributo) and the vertical concave rear screen, bounded by distinctive flying buttresses.

Stay tuned, and follow us at @passions.arabia to share the experience with us as we travel to Maranello for our date with the F8 Tributo.

Take a look back to a wet evening in April when the Ferrari F8 Tributo made its very first appearance in Kuwait, on display at Kuwait Motor Town, here