734_0101_3_090_trueLight_BSRado unveils two new lightness-inspired timepieces

Swiss watchmaker Rado is proudly unveiling its first creations from the 2016 Baselworld collection: the Rado True Open Heart. Relaunched with a new streamlined edge just last year, the Rado True family has been given yet another beautiful twist with two new pieces in Rado’s lightness-inspired collection for 2016.

Limited to just 500 individually marked pieces, the True Open Heart is crafted in either matt black or polished white high-tech ceramic and features the clean, light lines of the Rado True family. The beautifully decorated Swiss movement is framed by stylized cutouts in the dial, lending the piece an airy, spacious feel and giving the wearer a glimpse into the enigmatic mechanics within. An ultrafine mother of pearl layer floats over the dial like a veil, subtly exposing the mysterious innerworkings of the watch below.

Timeless, weightless
The shimmering colours of the True Open Heart’s delicate, razor-thin mother of pearl dial change along with the lighting conditions and angle of view. Like an aurora borealis on your wrist, the diaphanous 0.6 mm dial evokes feelings of weightlessness, as if floating through time and space. Beneath this sheer iridescent layer is a sight to behold: the bare naked movement, or literal heart of the watch, effortlessly glides and twirls, powering what is both a precision instrument and an object of beauty.

A walk on the light side
Housed in the brand’s signature monobloc case, the Rado True Open Heart offers all the benefits of a watch crafted from Rado high-tech ceramic. Engineered from ultra-fine zirconium oxide powder, high-tech ceramic is an incredibly light material: At 25% lighter than steel by volume, it is among the lightest materials used in luxury watchmaking. In addition to its remarkable lightness, ceramic adapts to the wearer’s body temperature almost immediately, so it will never feel too hot or too cold against the skin. Smooth and lightweight, it floats on the wrist, becoming an extension of the wearer.

Although its light weight may suggest otherwise, high-tech ceramic is impressively hard and durable. With a hardness rating of around 1,200 Vickers, high-tech ceramic is nearly five times harder than steel (250 Vickers) while being only a fraction of its weight. As a non-metallic material, high-tech ceramic is also gentle and hypoallergenic, meaning it can be worn by anyone with metal allergies or sensitive skin.

The Rado True Open Heart: an ode to luxury, lightness and comfort.