Spring has sprung and whilst floral is trending in the fashion industry, flowers are blooming everywhere. Having a vase of roses or maybe some orchids in your living space or for your centerpiece creates a pertinent visual illusion. Flowers not only create the perfect ambience in every room of the house, they also have positive health benefits for both the body and mind, helping to fight depression and improve mood. 

We’ve gathered a few tips and tricks to keep your arrangements beautiful and fresh to brighten up your place.

1. As soon as you receive the flowers or pick them up, put them in a bucket of water, and add the preservatives that were made for them, a dash of vinegar works too.

2. Cut off a few inches of the stem as soon as you get the flowers, to help them absorb water and nutrients better.

3. If you want your lilies or roses to open up, use warm water instead of room temperature.

4. Foam usually helps keep the arrangement in place, as well it keeps the flowers more hydrated to last longer. You need to soak the foam for 30 minutes in water prior use, you also need to water the foam every few days.

5. Before arranging, cut off any leaves that would reach the water level and cut a bit of the stem again for maximum absorption of water and nutrients.

6. When arranging, start with the heavy flowers at first and then work your way in with the other flowers. Work with different shapes and lengths to make the larger flowers pop.

7. The bouquet should always be slightly taller than the vase, a minimum of one and a half times to two times the height.

8. Pick out colors wisely. Think of the seasons, the colors of your space, and also the type of flowers.

9. Fill the edges with the leftover larger leaves to give the bouquet a bit of greenery.

10. Last but not least, keep away from direct sunlight. Maintain the arrangement by watering it and re-cutting the stems, as needed.