Floris London offers the comprehensive bespoke fragrance service tailored entirely to  each customer’s preference, at the very heart of where fragrance was born in London nearly three centuries ago.

To maintain their place as the original London perfume house, Floris has always provided a bespoke service for private customers and continue to invest in their in-house perfumery team at 89 Jermyn Street, under the stewardship of Edward Bodenham, 9th generation of the Floris family.

In-house perfumers are continually crafting unique and timeless scents to enhance the collection, all of which are personally approved by Edward Bodenham, the Floris ‘nose’ and 9th generation of the Floris family. From the earliest days they have created individual fragrances for the gentry of St. James’s. One such scent for Grand Duke Orloff went onto become the iconic Special No.127, named after its formula on page 127 of the ‘Specials’ book, a future favourite of Sir Winston Churchill.

With this expertise Floris offer a comprehensive bespoke fragrance service tailored completely to your preference, at the very heart of where fragrance was born in London nearly three centuries ago. Floris offers its Bespoke customers the finest craftsmanship and heritage put into a product created with love for detail, inspired by years of respect and dedication.

Enjoy a 2 hour appointment with a Floris perfumer at the Floris Shop, 89 Jermyn Street or their Belgravia Boutique, 147 Ebury Street. Customers are taken on a full olfactory journey from the moment they order a Floris Bespoke Experience.

From receipt of ordering, you will receive a beautifully presented gift box, including your bottle ahead of the session, already engraved with your initials. Unique to their perfumer’s library collection and based on the iconic Floris shape, this personal bottle will carry your unique fragrance.

You will also be sent four fragrance bottles that offer you the chance to test your perfumer’s ‘nose’ across a section of the Floris fragrance wheel ahead of your session.

Your session begins with a welcome from a member of the Floris family who will give you a short overview of the family business. Then your perfumer will begin by choosing from a wide selection of fine fragrance bases and over the appointment as you learn about fragrance creation from the oldest privately owned family perfumers in the world, you will adapt your perfume with iterations of new accords to your taste.

A statement of luxury for any gift or a must for fragrance lovers, by having your fragrance created with Floris you are adding to their private perfume ledgers dating back nearly 300 years, started by founder Juan Famenias Floris.

For peace of mind, this also means that you know this record is being protected for you and for your future generations to re-order. Your fragrance can be re-poured by hand for £160 at any time after your appointment.

Full Perfume Design

Also available as a full perfume design service over a 6 month period, where you will come and work with the perfumery team, including Edward Bodenham, the perfumery ‘nose’ and 9th generation of the Floris family. As when they go through all their fragrance creation, the initial session will take place with the perfumer alongside Edward. He will be on hand throughout the process to guide you through the creation.

You will receive your 100ml Eau de Parfum with Certificate of Provenance in a Floris signature bespoke experience box as well as 5 more repeats of the same fragrance.

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