Galvan launched in 2014 aiming to fill what it saw as a gap in the evening wear market: timeless luxury gowns, mostly priced under $2,000. This month, the London-based brand hopes to fill a similar gap in the handbag category with a new line of clutches and small handbags priced between $450 and $895.

On August 10, Galvan will unveil its first handbag capsule collection at Neiman Marcus and Forward by Elyse Walker. The collection will include three styles of clutches in multiple colour options. In the fall, the company will launch a wider handbag collection. Pricing will fall between $450 and $895.

“There aren’t really anything like this new line,” said April Koza, Vice President at Forward by Elyse Walker. “There bags from Saint Laurent, Valentino and Gucci that are two to three times the price of these Galvan ones, or there are [more affordable] bags from Staud and By Far that aren’t necessarily dressy and meant for evening.”

“When we started the ready-to-wear line six years ago it really developed out of a need we all shared: evening wear that felt clean and cool and modern and of a certain price point,” Holmgren said.

“That same need we felt in evening bags as well,” she added, “Evening bags that are classic and timeless and luxury but not super expensive, fun to wear but not kitschy.”