Huishan Zhang, the Chinese-born, London-based designer, launches his Resort 18 collection at Bloomingdale’s, creating luxurious pieces where Eastern heritage meets Western influences. As a Chinese-born, London based designer, Huishan has mapped out his signature style, finding inspiration and direction through his national identity. His collections create a romantic, sophisticated and ageless philosophy with feminine details, strong lines and directional design.

For Resort 18 collection, the Huishan Zhang muse is both playful and youthful in her manner while setting the scene for a cascade of outfits that are comfortable yet dressy with a collage
of fabrics; think lace, sequins, jacquard, cotton, wool and silks.

The mini dress and shirt tops, both long and short, accentuate the collection’s jovial and relaxed attitude by intermixing the many forms and fabrics of unexpected cut out shapes, asymmetrical layers and geometrically placed flowers whilst the romantic essence of the designer’s aesthetic is seen in the layered ruffles and combinations of eccentric fabrics, classic lace and embroidery. We had the chance to have a little chat with the designer himself and how he started out!

Huishan Zhang left home in China at the age of 17 to study abroad. He has lived almost half of his life in the West. Zhang studied fashion design in New Zealand, during his time there he was handpicked to work for the House of Dior. At first he started with ready-to-wear and then moved on to the Haute Couture Atelier. Working for other brands has helped Zhang in many ways, it made him understand the process and later on helped him start up his own brand.

When asked what inspired him to start up his own brand he said, “I always wanted to do something special, to really have a ‘made in China’ luxury brand. That’s pretty much what my brand stands for. I have my own Atelier in China and another studio in London, that’s how we started and it was a very interesting journey.” Huishan draws his inspiration from well-travelled, elegant women. Women who know exactly what they want, and these are his customers. Culture-wise he travels a lot, therefore, he mentions that a lot of travelling sure does inspire you!

When speaking of culture Huishan Zhang talks about how his own heritage influences his designs. “Chinese culture runs in my blood, no matter what I do the Chinese influence always shows in my designs.”