Gucci’s latest digital project – #accidentalinfluencer – is an intriguing and playful take on the idea of imitation and replication, seen through the lenses of London based artist, photographer and director Max Siedentopf – who recently shot for the House the visionary campaign dedicated to the Gucci Osteria. 

Inspired by the design thinking behind the Gucci Tennis 1977 sneaker, where an original low-top tennis shoe from the House archive served as the reference point for a contemporary version, the #accidentalinfluencer project presents imagery in which seemingly identical people congregate spontaneously in every-day situations. 

Wearing similar outfits – and the Gucci Tennis 1977 sneaker – these groups of almost-clones are pictured as if by an amateur capturing candid moments on the street, on a bus, or at a café or fruit and vegetable store. The effect is hypnotic and haunting, suggesting improbable coincidences. Presenting diverse groups of different ages, Siedentopf wryly creates situations of apparent happenstance where a group of long-haired men with beards pass each other on the pavement, or elderly ladies in matching coats take tea together. 

The campaign will be launched on Gucci’s social media platforms, and will also include bespoke choreography videos for TikTok, dedicated clips for Instagram Stories, and a section on the Gucci App that allows customers to virtually “try on” the Gucci Tennis 1977, using a pioneering augmented reality technology the House introduced in June 2019.