Global fashion is in the climate change spotlight, and now Gucci is committing to going carbon neutral. The Italian brand is investing millions of dollars into this promise as well as undertaking to half its emissions by 2025. Fashion with a conscience – it’s about time.

“We still consider the best option is always to reduce the impact, but at the moment it’s impossible to achieve in the time necessary to make sure the planet is not going to burn,” Gucci Chief Executive Marco Bizzarri said. “The idea is to offset until we are able to do that.”

A bold move, but a necessary one.

The company’s new carbon-neutral initiative puts Gucci ahead of many of its competitors on an issue that is becoming increasingly pressing for fashion brands. While the industry has historically avoided political scrutiny, it is now finding itself the target of rising calls for regulation.

Not the first fashion brand to go carbon-neutral, Gucci is nonetheless the most high-profile. Additionally, it has gone further than many others by promising to offset emissions throughout its supply chain – the points at which most of the pollution is generated.

A small step for some, but a huge step within the fashion industry. We’ll need to see more brands jumping on board the carbon-neutral train before we see the industry taken seriously in the battle against climate change. So, who’s next??