Gucci opened its first ever presence in SoHo, New York at 63 Wooster Street on May 6. This hub for creativity and innovation will connect with the artistic heritage of this unique urban district. SoHo during the 1970s and 80s epitomized a freewheeling attitude to music, film, literature, fashion and art, which acted as a magnet for creatives of all types. It was the soul of Manhattan’s creative community, the haunt of Jean Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Blondie, and more.

Gucci Wooster is the latest destination created by the House offering a new way to experience the eclectic, creative and bohemian spirit of the brand. Following Gucci Garden, opened in Florence earlier this year, where a 1337 Italian palazzo plays host to a distinctly Florentine experience, Gucci Wooster is a center of creativity that captures the energy of Gucci at any moment where you can discover the latest Gucci collections and collaborations.

Formerly the site of a pencil factory, Gucci Wooster is located in a 155-year-old landmark-protected building and occupies a full city block, from Wooster Street to West Broadway. Gucci Wooster is a unique space and has therefore been imagined by the House in a new way. Taking up nearly 10,000 square feet, the design concept was conceived exclusively for this location to maintain the integrity of the original framework. The restored brickwork, wooden floors, tin ceiling, and iconic columns highlight the intricate cast-iron architecture that characterizes SoHo. Three different hand-painted floor designs, executed by Italian artisans, introduce color and pattern, while original steel tiles speak to the neighborhood’s industrial history. Bold colors of turmeric orange and burgundy Guccify the interior and seating is covered in Gucci prints and fabric. Luggage carts, freestanding furniture with stone inlay and vintage pharmacy fixtures display products throughout the space. Reinforcing the industrial spirit of the building, custom brass fixtures frame the brick walls.

Complementing the new attitude of the space, Gucci will explore novel approaches to servicing its customers here, adopting an innovative team structure where visitors will be helped by a cast of ambassadors. These “Gucci Connectors” will be storytellers, whose focus is engaging customers in the brand’s unique narrative.