Curating a fashionable Kuwaiti brand adequately fitting the desires of modern Middle Eastern women, as well as for those with a taste for the exotic and unique, designer Sharifa Al Ghanim brought us Hamsa a few years ago, and the creations caught our attention from the very first collection. 

Hamsa represents beauty, simplicity, and elegance. It delivers a fusion of the past and the present, new styles and cuts and also specialized handwork of the past. Hamsa combines different times and different cultures into their creations to bring to us designs that go along beautifully with the current trends as well.

What was the main inspiration behind the first collection?

The first collection was a smaller one with just a few pieces; my idea was to create something new that is different than the traditional kaftan and jellabiya, as well as more practical and can be worn over the years. I wanted to combine modernity with embellishment; even with cuts, I mixed the old with the new. The vintage-style handiwork is what differentiates my designs.

How does this year’s collection differ from the previous collections?

I am an art enthusiast, and I love keeping up with all of what’s new. I also love researching different cultures. Both of these aspects are reflected in my designs. I realized that the African culture, in terms of embroidery and color, was not embraced enough in designs. For me, this was something new and exciting that I haven’t incorporated this in any of my previous collections. I wanted to design from this perspective. Our customers loved it!

How would you describe Hamsa’s vision and what sets it apart from the other kaftan brands?

We established our brand identity within Kuwait and the Arab world generally. We reached Asia and Europe, and our goal is to expand internationally. Our pieces are unique because of our attention to detail and precision. Our number one priority is quality control, of course. Also, our creations don’t just represent the Kuwaiti or Middle Eastern taste in fashion, these are pieces that attract all ages and all cultures, it feeds all fashionable criteria and curiosity.

Who is your target audience and how do you reach them?

Hamsa’s target is to please everyone! All ages, all occasions, we try to provide something for every stylista. For us, our casual pieces differ from our occasion-wear pieces. We design the casual ones for our customers who wish to keep wearing them forever, never going out of style. This was one of the most important points when designing, I love it when I see customers wearing pieces from previous collections, and they always look stylish. Another important aspect of my brand was for everyone to find a piece according to their budget. We have casual pieces and some high-end pieces that clients sometimes seek out for special occasions. 

Tell us about the process of picking which kaftan Sofia Richie would wear at the recent event?

For Sofia Richie, we sent her the lookbook, and she picked out a few pieces to try on. As soon as she reached Kuwait, she tried them on and picked her favorite to wear.

Which piece is your favorite from this year’s collection, and why?

All the pieces that I design hold a special place in my heart. Since there are categories such as casual, semi-casual, and high end in each collection, my absolute favorites would be the simple kaftans – they represent me accurately!