A new talisman for Big-Hearted women, or what can happen when the beating of time keeps pace with a beating heart! The new Happy Hearts watch is the ultimate symbol of this harmony. A Maison renowned for its boundless creativity, Chopard has decided to orchestrate an encounter between two of its most iconic collections. The Big Heart of the Happy Hearts collection finds its place on the playful dial of the Happy Sport, the watchmaking success that has been leading diamonds in a merry dance for over 25 years, in a perpetually renewed spirit of Joie de Vivre. The result of this union is an even airier interpretation: a Happy Hearts timepiece enlivened by three freely dancing diamonds, a red heart as well as a diamond-set heart.

This new watch, exclusively available from Chopard boutiques, is a joyful new addition to the Maison’s emblematic Happy Hearts jewellery collection, which showcases colourful hearts as well as hearts embracing dancing diamonds. An array of talismans weaving ties between all Big-Hearted women, fired by a spirit of generosity and self-giving. Chopard enriches the collection with this new timepiece by endowing it with a firm expression of its watchmaking expertise. Fitted with a 36 mm stainless steel case and a red alligator leather strap, the Happy Hearts watch features a white dial with a life of its own created by five dancing elements: three diamonds, and above all, both a red and a diamond-set 18-carat white gold heart. This sparkling array stages a truly stunning show on the Happy Hearts dial, conferring the ultimate privilege of observing your watch not merely to tell the time but essentially to admire the incredible ballet performed by these dancing lucky charms.