At Harvey Nichols, age is not a number, it is a character – a character depicted by the choices you make. We bring to you some of our choicest jewellery brands, each highlighting a different character.



Lying somewhere between trendy tattoos, body art and Haute Couture jewellery, body jewellery is a real breakthrough in the art of jewellery. Adeline Moniez, the designer of MARBELLA, came up with the idea of creating innovative and highly-artistic jewellery to be worn on the skin, resulting in the creation of delicate pieces, crafted to be worn across the neckline, shoulders, small of the back or adorning one’s ankle. Her creations are inspired by the traditional art of henna, and beautifully enhance a woman’s beauty with its delicate and intricate designs.


Alexis Bitar


The designer of this crafty collection brings a sophisticated aesthetic but with an edge. The collection is infused with a palette of seductive plum tones, amethyst, sparkling quartz sprinkled with diamonds and sapphires, and aquamarines laden in 18k gold.


Alexis Bittar recreates the definition of fashion jewellery to truly be “fashion fine” which is to infuse fashion, the pulse of the streets and fine jewellery. It’s jewellery that should adorn a woman any time, and not just on special occasions. The collection is most known to be worn layered with everyday jewellery.




More than a collection, Pain de Sucre has become a signature, an emblem even. Inspired by the famous rock that towers over the bay in Rio, a tribute to the jeweller’s South-American origins, the range is a constantly changing, shape-shifting blur of colours that tricks the eye. Since 2011, its polished cabochons, cut to resemble a sugar loaf, have included quartz in pink, smoked, milky or lemon, turquoise, chrysoprase, topaz, amethyst, lapis-lazuli, chalcedony and citrine Madera. Other pieces of glinting grey gold or brushed yellow are studded with diamonds.


In a nod to Fred Samuel’s joie de vivre and his wish that women adapt their jewellery to suit their style, the Pain de Sucre collection can be tailored in a multitude of ways, from the yellow-, pink- or grey-gold settings to the famous, precious cabochons themselves, now easily interchangeable thanks to a clever, concealed mechanism. Always encircled by diamonds, the stones have the sparkle of sophistication that illuminates a patch of skin, a motion of the hand or an elegant silhouette.

Playfully coloured and easy to wear, Pain de Sucre epitomises Fred’s distinctive approach to jewellery. If the geometrically rounded shapes are unmistakable, the design now reveals a braid of pure gold surrounding the stone without a diamond in sight. Pain de Sucre’s new look is younger and more relaxed while retaining its chic, feminine essence. Its graphic, elegant lines complement a younger, more casual look with jeans and a white shirt. With evening wear or a cocktail dress, it takes on a stylish, contemporary air.


Ben Amun

A well travelled and sophisticated woman would connect deeply with the jewels of Ben Amun. The collection streams from the rich culture and historic themes which are then crafted into iconic jewellery incorporated with precious stones and pearls.

Ben Amun’s unique designs stem from their deep knowledge of jewellery history and a keen eye for where fashion is headed. Ben Amun jewellery is created to make women feel beautiful.

Designer of the brand is originally from Cairo and son of the jeweler to the Egyptian royal court. The collection’s inspiration comes from the designer’s rich heritage and passion for travel and jewellery history.


Vita Fede

Vita Fede translates to ‘Life’ and ‘Faith,’ two things that connect people everywhere, and, like VF designs, continue to evolve without losing the essential elements that define them. For designer Cynthia Sakai, this means taking inspiration from life all around her to create jewels that transition seamlessly from season to season and trend to trend.

Designer Cynthia Sakai’s commitment to make each collection a natural progression from the last results in a highly edited line that builds on the success the brand has enjoyed since its launch.

Cynthia describes the Vita Fede look as “a fusion of Asian, American and European culture that represents an elevated aesthetic, a lifestyle and a point of view that are universal.” Cynthia has always believed that one great accessory can make an outfit. Her designs are best when mixed, matched and layered to suit each person’s individual style.


House of Harlow

If you are all about the latest fashion trends, then you fall under this very category. Designed by the fabulous Nicole Richie, with a tribal twist for this season, the autumn/ winter  2015 jewellery collection stands out as the “must have” brand to maintain your social status.


Alex & Ani

It is all about personalized jewellery, be it for yourself or as a unique gift to someone. Each charm is beautifully stamped with script letters creating an elegant look.

Powerful and symbolic, each Zodiac represents the unique characteristics of your existence. If you are a fan of horoscopes, adorn yourself with your sign to connect to your astrological being while bringing out the power that lies within.