As many of us are packing for vacation, let’s dig a bit deeper into our vacation wardrobe. What is the first thing that comes up in your mind when we say “beach destination”? Why hats, but of course! A big floppy hat covering half your face is a must when playing fashion police in Saint Tropez, or maybe just avoiding the harmful UV rays.

Accessorizing is always a great way to jazz up your outfits, especially on vacation when you’re trying not to over pack (oh well, we try our best). Chilling pool-side in a red bikini with a floppy white hat will definitely turn heads. Or maybe a cute straw hat with your white jumpsuit heading to lunch at the beach club. There are numerous ways to play around with this trend. The best thing, hats are so light you can pack many and still have enough spare KGs in your baggage to pack those unnecessary high heels that you’ll never wear.