Calcium is a nutrient that in unquestionably paramount for the body! In addition to building bones and maintaining overall health, calcium allows blood to clot and our muscles to contract which keeps our heat beating. Most of the calcium is in our bones which means whenever the body needs it, it gets it from our bones. It’s our job to keep our calcium intake in check to avoid problems.

Most people think that calcium can only be taken from milk, cheese, and other dairy products. Therefore, a lot of people when choosing to go dairy-free start developing problems and have to take them in the form of vitamin pills. That’s not true! A lot of non-dairy food contains calcium, you just have to do the research. Some high-calcium foods include: seeds, sardines, beans and lentils, almonds, some leafy greens, edamame, and even figs and apricots! Including some or even all of these into your diet will benefit you and your bones longterm!