Ah the pleasure of entering a nail spa/salon and oh the dilemma of settling for what color nail polish you want, one of the hardest decisions right! For hair, you usually pre-plan the color and have a bunch of pictures to show the hair colorist. However, when it comes to your fresh manicure you pick up five shades and end up not liking any of them.

If you’re anything like us then you will love these five shades, though they can look identical to someone who isn’t a manicure fanatic.

Well, it’s time to change it up for our next mani-pedi appointment. We’re going all out nail art! It can be anything from a fancy french style with gold tips instead of white, to crystalizing a whole nail. It’s up to you and your preference. But remember, stay away from over-accessorizing your nails if you’re high maintenance. We don’t want you hovering down on the office floor looking for that missing Swarovski crystal from your pinky nail.