No one was born with that perfect ‘Instagram Face’. Invariably it’s achieved through a combination of filters, fillers, and Facetune. If you really are that wide-eyed, smooth-skinned girl with the perfect pout, then you need read no further (and IMG Models wants your number). Everyone else had better stay tuned…

Fillers are your best-friend… go this route, and you’ll look more like your filtered photos – so, when people meet you in real life that what ask, “what happened?” They really can make you look a little more gorgeous – but ALWAYS seek trusted medical advice, know fully the products that you’re agreeing to have used on you, and stay on good terms with your bank manager… because the most painful part is (probably) what it’ll all cost you!

So, what are the key areas to focus on?

Forehead – lines are something not seen on the Instagram Face…a Botox Cosmetic can help smooth them away.

Eye Area – it’s got to be a high-brow for the genuine Instagram Face. A Botox Brow Lift is the answer here. Crow’s Feet are a no-no… treating these can in fact create a brow lift. So… double bonus!

Nose – want to avoid a fully-blown nose-job? Plump for fillers – fill depressions and smooth out the symmetry of your nose.

Cheeks – raise those cheekbones! Everyone is doing it… at every age. While older people are using filler to life agging cheeks, even millenials are on-board for a bit of added definition!

Mouth – treat your lips to a subtle filler – this is not an area to see over-blown in any way, shape, or form. Got great lips now? What about the other half of your smile… your teeth? Go veneers (or professional whitening if you’re looking to keep the costs down).

Jawline – create a whole new silhouette with a little filler… it’ll work wonders for you, the same as it did for your nose. No need for bone shaving in 2019!

Skin – microneedling is the buzz-word here. Delivering Botox and filler, this is today’s top model’s favorite secret.

However, it’s no secret that many of the photos we see on Instagram appear to be digitally altered with Facetune or something similar. These apps allow users to edit images to an inifinite degree. Even celebrities use it. [Edit – Celebrities are the biggest culprits when it comes to using it]. Regardless, used wisely, they can enhance your natural features. Lifted brow? Check. Sharper jawline? Check. Smoother skin? Check. Regardless of the regular ‘Photoshop Scandals’ that hit the headlines, a face-tuning app of some sort should be your first port of call.

Always manage your expectations and reality, and learn how NOT to use a face-tuning app (and other celebrity errors) by visiting Celebface