No one loves to keep their beard more neatly trimmed than we do. And, despite nurturing, nourishing and practicing for all of our adult lifetime, mastering our facial hair still feels pretty much 33% science, 33% art, and 33% guess-work. So, we turned to our exquisitely trimmed friends at The Beard Gear Company for an up-close-and-personal beard-care one-on-one. All you wanted to know, but were too afraid to ask!

What can I use to make my stubble less irritating for my partner? Stubble is prickly by nature, pair that with dry skin and that makes for one rough texture. Beard oil hydrates the skin allowing beard hairs to grow softer and smoother. The oil also seeps into the pores so constant use hydrates the skin creating an overall smoother face texture. In short daily use of beard oil will definitely make your stubble smoother; your partner will thank you. 

I want to grow my beard longer… should I still trim it every now and then? How often? The key to growing a long beard is patience. However, as your beard grows longer some hairs stray and that will negatively impact your beard style. As your beard grows longer use a shavette to clean your neck and cheeks and use beard balm to keep those stray hairs in check. Beard balm contains beeswax which will keep your beard compact and give it the shape you desire 

Is it okay to wet shave against the grain of my beard? This is an age-old question to which there is one definitive answer: no. Shaving against the grain will give you a cleaner shave undoubtedly but you are almost certainly guaranteeing there will be razor bumps when you’re done. The quality of the razor has little do with this, inevitably, by the laws of friction, when shaving against the grain the razor will tug against the hair rather than cut through it. 

Where is fine to draw a line – how low on my neck should my beard go? A safe place to draw the line is right above the Adam’s apple. This is, to some, a more conservative answer, but we find it allows for both neatness and robustness of beard. 

How should it end? Sharp lines, or fade? This depends on both the preference and the hairstyle of the person in question. There is no rule of thumb in this department; it’s a matter of taste. 


Beard oil. Essential, or the 21st century’s snake oil? To the 21st century beardsman, it is the 21st-century solution. If you choose to rock anything longer than 2-day stubble, it is necessary. Both the skin and hair must be moisturized and the sebaceous glands of facial skin simply do not produce enough sebum oils to support a beard. So if you have a beard, you will absolutely need to keep it moisturized and healthy and beard oil it the way to do that. 

What are the key grooming products for a well-coiffured beard? (I want it to look amazing, but like it didn’t try too hard!) The bare necessities for a tamed mane are a beard oil and a brush. Apply the beard oil and make sure to brush it through your beard thoroughly. Beard care starts at the skin, so you must brush it through to the skin when it’s applied. When your beard gets longer the game starts changing. You’ll know when it’s time to level up from oil to balm when the hair starts getting unruly. At this point, you will not only require the moisturizing and softening effects of oil, but you will need the shaping capabilities of a balm. Beard balm contains all the same carrier oils as beard oil but has the added effect of providing some hold. 

What beard styles are particularly hot for this fall? Right now, a pretty popular trend is the Beardstache is pairing a thicker moustache with a slightly shorter beard. It’s fairly simple to get done, simply grow a full beard (treating it healthily as we’ve detailed above) and when you go for your tune-up, ask your barber to take a little more off the beard than the ‘stache. It’s not a universally beloved beard style, but here at The Beard Gear Co. we want you to beard the way you want to beard.