After many years of success, Sharq’s FA Gallery has been reinvented. Consistently one of our favourite art and social locations, there are now more reasons than ever to pay the newly launched The Hub a visit. With a different vibe and different aims, The Hub is much more an open space.

The transformation is part of a vision Mohamed Al Otaibi and Ebrahim Al Qassab have believed in for some time – in today’s world, innovation in Business is the key to success. For them both, the word Hub has a broader meaning encapsulates their ambition to create a destination for Kuwaiti, regional and international visitors. Today, The Hub is a creative space that is open to all disciplines and welcomes all ages.

What can visitors expect to discover at The Hub?

The uniqueness of our location and the accessibility are the key factors. Then comes the wide range of offerings that will include art exhibitions, workshops, a unique café space, a social hub for the exchange of knowledge through our well curated library and, last but not the least, help for youth in developing their ideas through our consultancy services and creative platform.

What events have you already hosted?

After our rebranding and during our soft-opening period we hosted the Abolish Article 153 art exhibition; a pop-up food event and a private event for the prestigious Hermes brand.

What events do we have to look forward to over the coming months?

We have a busy schedule starting in September 2017, and we will be hosting a range of unique events and exhibitions in collaboration with local, regional and international creative people and organizations. We’re also working to establish an NGO as a creative platform that will serve the youth.

A key motto is “Where dots connect you to arts, culture and society”, and your branding now includes words written in Braille. What’s the story behind this?

There is a child’s puzzle called “Connect the Dots” – used to play it when I was a kid. The idea was to begin with 1 and then draw a line to 2, then 3, and so on until all the dots had been connected. When I was finished the lines, I had drawn would have created a drawing of a dog, elephant, or some other figure of interest.

I used this metaphor when conceptualizing The Hub. We aim, by connecting various creative elements that are scattered and make no sense, to come up with a solid idea, a place where we can blend efforts to reach one clear goal.

Also looking at dots in the Braille language is the same. It might not make any sense to most of us, but it’s a complete language that helps people with visual impairment to read and gain knowledge. So, as part of our social responsibility efforts, The Hub will be the first location in Kuwait, perhaps regionally, to welcome the visually impaired and to include them as equal members of society. This is accomplished by having all our printing material, including special training software, and our workshops supported by Braille.

Our interior and branding theme is also based on dots, and we’ve included the tag-line: ‘Let’s expand our vision at The Hub”.