Introducing new BOSS Stretch Tailoring, the latest suit development, engineered for freedom of movement. Offering the next level in comfort, the new design has been created with the demands of modern lifestyles in mind – whether it’s global travel for business or a busy day at the office.

Stretching from inside to out, the suit employs two layers of expanding fabrics. The outer is made from innovative mechanical stretch fabric that is 100% wool, with the yarn woven in a springlike structure. On the inside allowing for double performance, the lining is woven from stretch fabric. These two layers work to complement each other, flexing equally with the body’s movements. The result: the design has a sharp, sartorial look along with the comfort normally associated with a jersey suit – even in slim and extra-slim fits.

Passions Arabia Mats Hummels BOSS_M_Stretch Tailoring_FW17_CMYK (8)

As a sportsman who is constantly on the move, star footballer Mats Hummels knows the importance of an impeccable look and clothing that performs. To put this technology to the test, he performed a series of shoots and tricks while wearing the new suits, demonstrating their capabilities.

The suits are available in a range of designs including a sharp business style in navy, a classic business look with pinstripes and a modern design in burgundy, as worn by Mats Hummels.

Special stretch shirts have been created to complement the suits, while tailored jackets available as separates feature the same technology.

Tailored for ultimate comfort: the new suit technology is put through its paces by footballer Mats Hummels

How does it feel to wear new BOSS Stretch Tailoring – how does it compare to the normal tailored suit? Wearing BOSS Stretch Tailoring feels great – it’s a different feeling and it’s really comfortable. Moving and stretching is much easier, you don’t feel constrained by the fabric.

Passions Arabia Mats Hummels BOSS_M_Stretch Tailoring_FW17_CMYK (9)

Tell us about performing the series of tricks with the ball wearing the suit. Did you manage just as well as in your football shirt? To be honest, I was a little skeptical about performing tricks in a suit. At the beginning, I was really careful in my movements, but I quickly felt that jumping and performing usual soccer tricks was definitely feasible in the Stretch Tailoring suit.

Passions Arabia Mats Hummels BOSS_M_Stretch Tailoring_FW17_CMYK (6)

In which situations would you choose to wear BOSS Stretch Tailoring? I think it would be good for business travel, especially for flights. Wearing a suit makes you look good in every situation and with Stretch Tailoring, you also feel comfortable, so it would be perfect for this purpose.

Passions Arabia Mats Hummels BOSS_M_Stretch Tailoring_FW17_CMYK (5)

How about wearing it on the football pitch – how would that be? As a sportsman, I am used to moving a lot at high impact levels. Usually the clothes I wear at matches are developed to get stressed to their limits. I believe wearing the suit on the pitch would be quite an interesting product endurance test. (smiling)

Which was your favorite suit in the stretch tailoring collection and why? The burgundy suit is my favorite. I like the color combination with a black turtleneck sweater.