For this season’s Summer 2018 collection, Hugo Boss were very much inspired by the identity and lifestyle of the Generation Z consumer. The Generation Z consumers profile themselves as continuously globally connected with ‘I-everything’ being the keyword. Generation Z shares and receives digital information, is tech savvy and considered to be modernized explorers. For that reason, Boss Athleisure created this season’s storyboard based on this cultural phenomenon that will impact our future.

Submerging themselves deeper into the environment of these Digital Natives, they took a sidestep from regular daily life and surfaced in the future by means of creating interesting design themes based on an exciting Generation Z digital escapade, creating cool apparel to support getting around and exploring these new territories. This digital escapade is a virtual jungle of exciting locations and hotspots to head off into, escaping city surroundings seeking balance between serenity and adventure.

Traveling through these imaginary digital surroundings, we explore the limits of these wilderness hotspots in search of the ultimate apparel to match. Inspiration centers around three hotspots that reflect the body and content of our collection, featuring three different directions within the compilation that blend flawlessly into one comprehensive Athleisure collection.