Think you know Cyprus? Think again. European Union money is today matched by an influx of Russian and Middle East investments in real estate and financial enterprises. With a pretty good idea of how to live the high-life, Limassol is leading the way with impressive public and private developments, providing the impetus to new businesses and giving a boost to all-round quality of life in the city.

There is something intangibly different about the experience of spending time on an island. There’s a different vibe, one that is never replicated on the mainland. Somehow, on an island, time moves differently. There’s more of an appetite to savour life’s smallest pleasures. And, on an island, you’ll notice a little luxury goes a long, long way. We hopped across to Cyprus, often overlooked and underrated, and stopped off in the city of Limassol.

Limassol is Europe’s southern-most city. With a history so rich and varied, you could do your research and visit all the places every tourist has on his or her list – but you’d be missing the essence of Limassol. In reality, it’s a city of its people and, above all, it’s a city of today.

Blessed with natural beauty in abundance, and with urban and rural infrastructure their Greek cousins can only dream about, put yourself in the hands of the Cypriots and let them show you a good time.

Hotels? Actually, you can go badly wrong here, so best to take our advice and head for the Amathus Beach Hotel or its partner the Four Seasons. Fancy something different? The Library.

Dining out – a new marina development has attracted a coterie of fine eateries – Epsilon doesn’t disappoint. Seek out Dionysus Mansion in the city’s lanes for something deliciously Greek.

Coffee is a great yardstick for the sophistication of a city – and Limassol hosts a vibrant scene. One of the newest, and one of the very best, is super-slick Coffee Capital. Drop in on the quirky Uluwatu while you’re in the neighbourhood.