Bored of your haircut and want a change? What are better than bangs to compliment your winter outfits. There are a few tips and tricks if you do decide to go ahead and get bangs.

First, to get the voluminous look, add volumizing spray to the roots of your bangs and blow dry to the side with your waves. To leave them sleek and straight, use a flat iron, but remember to use heat protection spray before any styling tools. For an 80’s look, blow dry your blunt bangs with a round brush, else always use a flat iron to style them.

If you’re deciding on going for a more natural look, use a dry texturizing spray to allow your bangs to flow with the rest of your hair’s texture naturally. To grow out bangs, just style them to the side where you can blow dry, curl them, straighten them along with your hair as they grow out. A retro hairstyle is the perfect “do” when growing out your bangs.