He’s the most divisive man within the watch industry today. Love him or not, there’s no denying he and his strategies are largely responsible for the massive growth of the sector over the past decade and more – indeed, he can take a large amount of credit for its survival.

A living legend in the field of watchmaking, Jean-Claude Biver revived Blancpain, gave Omega a reason to live, saved Hublot, and is now CEO of TAG Heuer (and  all LVMH watches). When he talks, we listen.

The wearer of many hats in different roles within the industry and various companies, today he’s talking TAG…

Last year, TAG Heuer introduced a revolutionary Swiss-made connected watch, the Heuer Connected Modular 45.

How was the response from the customers and are there any new additions this year?
Jean-Claude Biver: The responses from our customers were really good, especially after the launch this January of the Connected Modular 41, which was developed for smaller wrists. The TAG Heuer Carrera Connected Watches have been successful because of their incredible quality and performance. As an avant-garde brand, we have been able to create a whole new opportunity for our industry through boldness and astute technological management. Extraordinary support from Intel made this project possible. Not only do we have the best quality, but on top of that we have all the latest updates and avant-garde technology, which make our Connected Watch fully comparable with the best products on the market.

TAG Heuer draws upon on a rich history of motor racing activities. Is this heritage reflected in new products? Definitely. Motor racing is part of the DNA of TAG Heuer, and this is reflected in everything we do. The Monaco, the Autavia, as well as the TAG Heuer Carrera are perfect demonstrations of our motor racing heritage.

What is your favourite timepiece among the line-up in 2018? My favourite timepiece is the TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-02. In 2018, we are celebrating the 55th anniversary of the TAG Heuer Carrera collection by launching the Heuer-02 manufacture movement. The TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-02 symbolises the continuity in investment and creativity made by TAG Heuer, which has been an avant-garde Swiss brand ever since it was founded in 1860 and sincerely wishes to remain so. You have participated at Baselworld for decades.

What do you appreciate most about this premier industry event? Baselworld is not just the trade show of the best Swiss watch brands, but more importantly it is the number one event for the entire Swiss and international watch industry. Throughout the show, people not only enter into the heart of the industry, but also feel its pulse and gain a vision of its future. This is what I appreciate most about Baselworld.