Earlier this year, Ferrero announced a partnership with Saudi Arabia’s Ministries of Health and Education. for the next year, the Ministries and Ferrero will join forces to launch Kinder Joy of Moving across the Kingdom. This physical education program – designed to encourage children’s natural inclination to be active, move and play – is set to be embedded in the national curriculum of primary schools in major cities including Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam.

The scientifically-recognized Joy of Moving methodology aims to get children of all ages moving through play whilst also developing key skills in four major areas ranging from physical fitness to motor coordination, cognitive function, creativity and life skills.

To ensure a flawless roll-out, the physical education teachers at each primary school – encompassing children aged 4-12 – will be trained by certified global Kinder Joy of Moving coaches. The instructors will therefore be fully equipped and informed to bring to life the program’s core vision, which is to promote the importance of movement and daily physical activity for children and young people around the world, to support their long-term health and happiness.

We learned more from Guido Ferralasco, Regional Managing Director at Ferrero Gulf. 

What sports in particular will Saudi’s youngest children be encouraged to get involved in?

Essentially, the physical education program is designed to encourage children’s natural inclination to be active – based on the belief that a positive attitude towards movement will make today’s children, more active adults tomorrow. In short, thanks to Ferrero’s partnership with Saudi Arabia’s Ministries of Health and Education, Kinder Joy of Moving – set to be embedded in the national curriculum of primary schools in major cities including Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam –instinctively shifts the focus from performance to fun and from competition to collaboration.

So, instead of focusing on specific sports, the program consists of a series of multidisciplinary events comprising a number of diverse activities. The physical games were, in fact, developed in collaboration with athletes and former champions, as well as experts to ensure that children get active, enjoy moving, and develop core skills in an engaging and joyful way.

This isn’t the first time Ferrero has unrolled the Joy of moving program – what results have you seen from it in other countries?

Since 2005, when it was first launched, Kinder Joy of Moving has inspired and positively affected millions of children worldwide; it has also been part of our Group’s Social Responsibility program since its launch in 2013.

For over 13 years, the project has become increasingly successful, attesting to the company’s commitment towards the well-being of the younger generation. The latest global results show that 4.4 million children in 34 active countries, together with 127 local Federations took part in the program’s activities (physical education programs, sports events, student championships, multidisciplinary camps), thus helping to push forward the project’s ultimate goal: to promote a healthier and happier lifestyle through a joyful approach to movement and physical activity.

Do you have plans to roll this out further across GCC countries?

At this point, we are focused on ensuring a flawless implementation of Kinder Joy of Moving in Saudi Arabia in the years to come. Still, looking ahead, we, of course, remain open to potential opportunities should an appropriate one arise.

CSR is a large part of Ferrero. What other initiatives do you currently have in the region?

For our Group as a whole, the term corporate social responsibility has always stood for caring for people and for the local area: namely consumers, employees and former employees, families and the local communities in which we operate. These principles of social responsibility guided Ferrero’s first steps 70 years ago in Alba and remain unchanged to this day.

Both globally and in the region, our approach to corporate social responsibility focuses primarily on our consumers: our key stakeholders. Our passion to satisfy them is at the heart of our daily activities here at Ferrero Gulf and across business units worldwide.

The fact is, at Ferrero, consumer focus isn’t just an abstract value – it’s something we put into practice every day, based on a sense of responsibility that goes beyond commercial targets. This responsibility is made into reality through our nutritional strategy, ongoing innovation, the quality and freshness of our products, food safety and responsible and transparent communication.

Moreover, globally, our commitment to caring for people and the local area is demonstrated by the activities of the Ferrero Foundation and the Michele Ferrero Entrepreneurial Project, active in Africa and Asia. As previously stated, our Group also continues its commitment to the promotion of active lifestyles by addressing young people and their families all over the world through the Kinder Joy of Moving program.

When it comes to caring for the planet, monitoring and improving the impact of our activities throughout the entire supply chain is a priority for our Group, which we address by ensuring that our main raw materials are responsibly sourced.

All of Ferrero’s sustainability goals mentioned in our CSR Report – for example, committing to source all refined cane sugar and cocoa from sustainable sources by 2020 – are global objectives. This means that business units across geographical areas need to work towards accomplishing these milestones.