We spend a lot of time – if we’re honest, probably too much time – combing through local, regional, and global Instagram feeds looking for inspiration and, well, just generally being curious. Want to know our ten favorite local feeds? Read on…

@majdajs: A beautiful spirit who, on a daily basis, shares how positive thinking can help throughout your life. Majda emphasizes how important the awareness for mental illness is, she is the founder of ASAP Initiative for Mental Health Awareness. 

@hello965: Started out as a simple travel blog, now we can’t plan a trip without checking out her travel suggestions and options.

@cashmere_and_chamomile: The one and only Bibi Hayat shares her inspiration with her audience whether it’s art, history, or even quotes.

@wadaniart: The comic world of Tuna, Mimi, and Shalala. Some humor mixed with culture and some social obstacles delivered in a fun comic… in both Arabic and English! 

@inspiredediblesOur go-to for news on restaurants, popups, basically anything food-related in Kuwait… or worldwide! A mother, and wifey (hubby helps blog sometimes), who also bakes (ahem, hi Kelso fans). We sure are obsessing over the couple’s sneaker collection as well.

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@citizensofstylekw: With so many accounts talking about fashion and showing the latest, we’re sometimes lost. But these girls sum it all up. High end, high street, some food, and beauty as well. Our favorite part is when we get to vote for the looks, it’s nice to see people’s opinions as well.

@dghareeb: Apart from educating us in terms of health and fitness, Dana (Mother of three adorable children) documents her day and shows us how her everyday nutrition choices for her and her children are important.

@amplifiedeyecandy.co: The stylist everyone is asking about! We’re loving the quirky style, and newest fashion and definitely loving her Insta-story posts.

@theculinaryquest: This girl’s quest is to deliver the best food in town whether she’s in her beloved k-town or traveling. Her sassy comments are everything.

@multimasquer: Having just started, she does not skimp on content! She does the best skincare and makeup reviews. Watch out Glossier, you’ve got competition.

Curated by Rawan Qabazard