Abdullah Al Manei is about to change the way marine enthusiast in Kuwait look at sports catamarans. The man behind Almanei Boats and Marine Equipments, Abdullah is all set to debut his unique, top-of-the-line catamarans at this year’s Kuwait Yacht Show.

Abdullah reinstituted his father’s company last year, wanting to revive his father’s legacy, a dream he has harbored and worked towards for many years. Almanei Boats and Marine Equipments was originally started by Ali Al Manei back in the mid 1980s and ever since its inception, Almanei is best known for its catamaran designs. The flourishing business saw an untimely demise due to the Gulf War.

What makes the Almanei catamarans so special? “Well that’s a family secret,” exclaims Abdullah. However, in a country like Kuwait, with strong winds, catamarans make for a great sailing experience, he lets us on. The Almanei catamarans can go up to 60 mph+ of speed, and not only show 20% more fuel efficiency when compared to Deep V boats, but also promise superior air and water dynamics. Considering these boats have a very low water float level, they can sail comfortably even on shallow waters.

At this year’s KYS, Almanei will be showcasing two of their most unique catamarans featuring fibre glass hulls – the mpb-22 and mpb-32. The mpb-22 is a 22 feet, two-seater sports catamaran ideal for those looking for adventure and speed at sea. The mpb-32 is a 32 feet, nine-seater catamaran, perfect for sailing leisurely with your family and friends.

Much like its owner, the Manei Power Boats are all made in Kuwait. “We wanted to show people exactly what we can create right here. You don’t always have to go abroad for superior quality. The trade history of our country is proof of our superior boat making capabilities. Almanei is as much about reviving our traditions as it is about wading our way in to the future,” said Abdullah.

For a man who has spent a large part of his childhood at his father’s workshop, Abdullah understands the need to stick to traditions as much as he values moving forward with the times.

The Almanei boats, claims Abdullah, are unsinkable because of the formula they use for the catamaran hulls, however the upgrade from wood to fibre glass is his own addition. “One of the biggest challenges Kuwait’s marine industry faces is the lack of upgrades. We have been doing the same thing over and over for years, but I see that changing now. Which also makes it a good time for Almanei to come back in business,” said Abdullah when talking about why ‘now’ is a best time for him to revive his family legacy.