A look at the official car of this year’s Kuwait Yacht Show.

You can be sure that every detail of the annual Kuwait Yacht Show is pored over in the tiniest of detail. So, when making a choice for the show’s official car, the most obvious route to go down was to appoint an automobile where every detail has been equally fastidiously examined.

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator is a fine balance of elegance and muscle. It’s the perfect expression of every car – all wrapped up in one oversized package. It’s neither shy nor retiring, but it is incredibly well-behaved.

Passions Arabia Lincoln Navigator - 4

First produced in 1997, the Lincoln Navigator is celebrating its 20th anniversary. This yacht on wheels is the first non-limousine model to seat more than six people. There is no doubt that the Navigator brings ease and command with a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter engine and a 10-speed transmission. The engine, capable of producing 450-horsepower, gives drivers and passengers a smooth and controlled ride.

Passions Arabia Lincoln Navigator - 5

Knowing where you’re headed in life – and how you’ll get there – instills you with a calm confidence. Navigator reinforces that feeling with a new Twin-Turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces best-in-class horsepower and torque. Plus, the new 10-speed SelectShift® automatic transmission is designed to adapt in real-time. Using input from a dozen sensors, it determines what you want, then engages the right gear at the right time to deliver the performance you seek.

Passions Arabia Lincoln Navigator - 3

Adaptive Suspension helps get you there smoothly by isolating the vehicle from road imperfections, while enhanced sound- absorbing materials and Active Noise Control help keep road noise at bay. The result is a relaxing atmosphere conducive to quiet contemplation or pleasant conversation. The best interior quietness in the class.

Passions Arabia Lincoln Navigator - 2

The character of a home stands out in its details – and the same is true within this serene sanctuary. Lincoln artisans honed every aspect to encourage tranquility. The sweeping horizontal lines of its hand-wrapped dashboard reinforce the spaciousness. Real wood trim naturally enriches the ambience. European stitching adorns its hand-wrapped leather assist handles and Wollsdorf leather-trimmed heated1 steering wheel. French seams on the upholstery are stitched precisely 6 mm apart.

A practical arrangement

With its best-in-class tow rating of 8,700 lbs.,1 Navigator makes it easy to enrich your adventures with family and friends. The standard trailer tow features provide all that you need to get towing, including our smart trailer tow connector and trailer sway control technologies.

Pro Trailer Backup Assist,TM Electronic Traction Assist and an integrated trailer brake controller are offered in the Heavy-Duty Trailer Tow Package. With Pro Trailer Backup Assist, you just rotate the control knob in the direction you want your trailer to go, and the system automatically steers the vehicle to turn the trailer for you. Electronic Traction Assist automatically directs torque to certain wheels for improved stability in turns and to help with challenging situations like boat launch ramps. It can shift torque to the wheel with the greatest traction, or even lock the rear axle if needed, to keep you moving.