The Kuwait Yacht Show is a regional leader event in the yachting and marine sector. Set at the end of March in Salmiya’s beautiful Marina Crescent, the KYS has continued to represent the pinnacle of the region’s yachting lifestyle against the glamorous backdrop of Kuwait since 2013.

For five days, yacht owners, future yacht purchasers, and marine-lovers attend the Kuwait Yacht Show to participate in one of the most important marine shows in the Middle East.

In-water and on-land, the KYS curates a showcase from leading regional companies and distributors in the industry: from the largest superyacht builders and nautical suppliers, top yacht designers, and luxury manufacturers to the most sought-after water-borne toys, and luxury cars. 

New models of yachts appear at the Kuwait Yacht Show every year. This year, it is hosting yachts of 70 to 90 feet – when the show first launched the show you could expect to see boats to a maximum of around 50 feet. 

This year there are more activities for family and visitors. A headline amongst these will be the daily talks on the KYS stage focusing on marine topics and tips. 

Engaging visitors will be a spokesman from the Environment and Public Authority talking about fishing in Kuwait waters, as well as an expert kayaker. The Kuwait Yacht Show is also running competitions too – one involves casting for fish and has more than 60 participants as well as an opportunity for other visitors to try their hand at it. 

In a special collaboration with the Kuwait Sailing Association, KYS is bringing two sailboats to give people a sailing experience during the show. All these, plus many new brands and new dealerships – now a staple and something for which the show has now become known for every year. 

Since its first edition in 2013, KYS has had a huge effect on the growth of the sector in Kuwait. It has raised awareness of marine brands and the marine lifestyle amongst the public. 

Dealers report positively every year, commenting that how being present at the show has given them a window to the wider public of Kuwait. KYS has brought more international brands to Kuwait over the past 7 years than had happened during the previous 20. KYS has boosted not only yachts – but all marine companies. 

Crucially, and we especially like this aspect, the Kuwait Yacht Show has always supported local startups too – it has tried to give them a boost by making it easy and commercially accessible to showcase their products at KYS. Many have later gone on to become successful companies in their own right.

What to know: Where will the 2019 Kuwait Yacht Show be held? 

Marina Crescent, Salmiya 

When will the 2019 Kuwait Yacht Show be held? 

From Monday 26 to Saturday 30 March 2019 

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