Art director, photographer, and advocate for cruelty-free beauty… welcome to Xeina’s world. She’s a regular on our Instagram feed @passions.arabia as Kuzmoz de Jour (KDJ) and you’ll find her sharing her thoughts and inspiration here as well, every month. But first, introductions…

Introductions can get a little redundant, I mean we ‘all’ did ‘something’ ‘somewhere’ and had experiences here and there, that’s why we’re here now telling you, the reader, all about it. So, I’m going to make this a little less… predictive.

My name is Xeina, but my dad prefers I spell it “Zainah” because he was the one that wrote it like so on my birth certificate, bless him. I work out just so I can justify untimely snacks, Indomie noodles, and other poor food choices. My hair is 40% of my personality. I love watching anime… love LOVE!

Art director, photographer, content creator, cruelty-free beauty advocate – in that order. Ex-Potterhead. Things I consider “winning in life”: LOTR & Star Wars (episodes 1, 4, 5, 6 ONLY), old Disney movie classics, and low-quality Arabic dubbed cartoons which is basically what my childhood is made of and what you’ll often hear me recite.

Although I’m born right down the middle of the hottest month of summer, I’m a winter-body through and through. The colder the weather, the hotter the coffee, the better life gets, period.

Moving on.

Fashionable? Yes. A “fashionista”? Not exactly. My fashion sense can be described as the Olsen Twins (all grown up) meets 90s grunge in a romantic renaissance painting. The first unpopular opinion piece you’ll hear out of me regarding high fashion would be “Versace died with Gianni”.

I blog and Instagram curated posts on a semi-weekly basis. I work on fantasies; creating a blend of fiction and reality where the viewer is compelled to see the alternative in everything. With me; life is a dream, and the 3rd eye is constantly evoked. My goal in life is to exude the essence of my work through my physical existence and becoming that fine line bridging the two worlds together. The reality of our world lays behind our open eyes, and so begins this monthly journey of mine.

Close your eyes…