“We hold off on loving ourselves in hopes of finding that one person who’ll validate us… But what if that person is asleep deep within you?” 

With resident blogger – Xeina Musallam @kuzmoz

My earliest memory of love was that of ‘The Sleeping Beauty; where she danced with Prince Philip in the woods on her 16th birthday, chanting, “You’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream.” My fascination with this pure, urgent, impulsive “our eyes met, and that’s all it took” reckless love was enough to make me believe it exists. Love-at-first-sight is real, in more ways than you think.

Over the years I realized that love is not a destination like those Disney princesses made it out to seem, it’s more of a road map. Love is a trail of discoveries, to experience it, you’re going to have to take a leap of faith sans safety-net, and just let go.

We’ve been told time and time again that this great love is a once in a lifetime thing, and for some reason, we associated it with a significant other, a soulmate of sorts. Over the years we started to reserve this affectionate energy from ourselves in hopes of pouring it all on the one to be. In a desperate try to catch the one, we somehow managed to forget what it means to love ourselves first, and above all else.

But what if I told you that this miracle is not a one-time thing? What if I told you that love, in its most effective state, needs you to bask in its pink whimsy.

Stop for a second…

Look at yourself with intent; slowly close your shallow sight and give your insight a chance to walk over your high protective walls. Allow your conscious to falter as you slowly pull the wool of insecurities and dismay off your eyes; stare at your self-proclaimed imperfections; things you dismissed as ugly and mediocre about yourself all these years, without any specific reason, and realize they’re what makes you so beautifully unique.


Love-at-first-sight is seeing your scares as badges of valiance because they tell the bravest and coolest stories about you. 

Love-at-first-sight is swooning over your curls, after years of straightening them flat to your head, because you were so adamant about hating them. It’s that sudden strike of acceptance that your body is perfectly proportional and all that you need to do is embrace it. It’s impulsively… zealously abandoning your tedious ritual of covering up your vitiligo because you only live once; so why not be your most true self. 

Love-at-first-sight is looking at your stretch marks post birthing a miracle, and loving the strength born with them. 

Love-at-first-sight is being able to look at yourself, past your flesh and bones past your walls and insecurities, and awakening the sleeping beauty that’s in you.