La Ville Hotel & Suites CITYWALK, Dubai has launched its Relaxation Suites. Guests can now escape to a tranquil haven in the heart of the city, where elegant and chic interiors blend with soft, neutral furnishings to create a relaxing oasis of calm.

In the two Relaxation Suites, both male and female guests can indulge in an extensive range of bespoke treatments and express services from facials to massages, with a glorious range of products from Anne Semonin and Neom.

Anne Semonin has developed luxurious, highly effective skincare and made-to-measure treatments since 1985, with the goal of visibly enhancing skin’s radiance. With ever-changing conditions and needs of the skin due to varying environmental conditions, hormones, stress levels and lifestyle – care needs to be tailored, and the success of Anne Semonin products and treatments are based on a combination of a personal prescription and a holistic approach to specific skin needs.

La Ville Hotel Dubai Suite

Neom organics was launched in the UK in 2005. The wellbeing brand treats not only the skin you can see, but also your mind, by offering 100% natural fragrances with true therapeutic benefits to relieve stress, to calm and relax, aid sleep, boost energy and lift your mood. A consultation called ‘Science of scent therapy’ has been created by Neom to reveal what treatment to focus on to ensure the most out each visit to the spa.

La Ville Hotels & Suites
Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 10pm
Sunday (Ladies Only) and Monday (Men Only) from 1pm to 10pm