A 70’s spirit, free from any nostalgic and vintage vibe, inspires the Corneliani Spring/Summer 2020 collection.

Looking to their archives, the brand rediscovers a hyper sophisticated allure, which is projected into the contemporary world through fabrics and high-tech technologies. Everything revolves around an impeccable, masculine, refined yet spontaneous and comfortable style. Sharp lines and rich earthy tones come together for a sophisticated selection of pleated trousers, relaxed suit jackets, and ribbed polos.

Designer Stefano Gaudioso: “In the Seventies, the mavericks were coming out with a new energy, influencing people in a positive way, breaking the rules in a positive way, just like today. We have new values coming up, like sustainability.”

Geared to modern lifestyles, a “techno blazer” features crease-free navy blazers and white shirts made from high-performance materials like ripstock, as well as Sensitive polyester, the same material used for running garments.

Paul & Shark steals the tech-scene with Typhoon 20000. Engineered and patented by Paul & Shark, Typhoon 20000 ensures waterproof and windproof protection for the toughest conditions. With an ultra-soft outer membrane, Typhoon tech prevents water droplets from penetrating the fabric but still allows for maximum breathability and comfort. Typhoon 20000 is ultra-thin and ultra-light, yet super-strong and highly protective… whatever conditions you decide to live your life in.

Available at Dananeer Arraya Center – Ground Floor Corneliani: 22997662 Paul & Shark: 22997680 Instagram: @dananeer1962