We entered this millennium with a new found love for the word “organic”. Why does it have to stop at food? When it comes to fabrics, linen is the go-to choice for the environmentally conscious. You ask why? Linen fabric is made from the fibers that grow inside the flax plant, making it the more eco-friendly fabric!

Ok, enough science, let’s get back to fashion.

Nothing screams ‘breezy’ more than a beautiful, soft linen dress on a hot summer day. Comfort and style all at once. Now that’s a trend we are loving. Let’s not forget though that some linen pieces can crease easily so you have to be smart with your choices. White linen is always the runner-up for summer holiday picks. We recommend soft colors such as baby pink, sky blue, and lavender. Accessorize your look with some bangles or maybe a colorful beach hat. An extra pro-tip would be to not iron your linen pieces way too much; it’s all about the flowy, free, relaxing texture.

Words by Rawan Qabazard