For November, we’re setting up camp at Kuwait’s Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Centre. Here’s why… something to suit a wide range of musical tastes!

Marwan Khoury

7 & 8 November: In a two-hour show, Lebanese artist Marwan Khoury will perform many of his best-known songs for the first time at Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Centre, including ‘Kel Al- Asayed’, ‘Khedni Maak’, ‘Albak ala Albi’, and “Mughram”.

Nawal Al Kuwaitia (top)

17 November: For one night only, Kuwait’s own Qaitharat Al Khaleej will perform at JACC. With numerous singles and almost 20 recorded albums, there are plenty of hits for Nawal to choose from (and her fans to hope for) during this two-hour performance.

PKF-Prague Philharmonia

19, 20 & 21 November: With one of the most recognized orchestras in the world, PKF-Prague Philharmonia, JACC hosts three classical evenings for music lovers, featuring a selection of classical pieces and Kuwaiti composed pieces on the first two nights, and a selection of film gala scores on the third night.

The PKF-Prague Philharmonia is an orchestra based in Prague, Czech Republic. It was founded in 1994 at the initiative of the world-famous conductor Jiří Bělohlávek, and under his leadership has developed into one of the most recognized Czech musical ensembles with a worldwide reputation.

Today, PKF’s music director and chief conductor is Emmanuel Villaume, a French conductor based in Dallas, who performs on prominent opera and concert scenes all around the globe, in cities such as New York, London, and Paris.

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