When it was launched, Ferrari made bold promises that this was the model for the daily drive. It wasn’t the first time they’d made such a claim as the Portofino’s predecessor, the California, proved quite adequately. A few less horsepower and a lot fewer dollars – but you were still driving an Italian thoroughbred with the Prancing Horse on the hood. The California was a hit. The Portofino had a tough act to follow.

Since its 2018 launch, we’ve driven it on the track, we’ve crossed continents with it (literally), and we’ve taken it along Italy’s picturesque Adriatic coastline. All well and good – but what about a real-life drive in our real world? Somewhere, perhaps, like Dubai? Our Zeina Mokaddam was given the key to a Portofino in the city. Did it live up to expectations?


In a word. Yes.

“It’s a head turner for sure. Previously, we’ve suggested that this may be the most beautiful of Ferrari on the road today. Seeing it amidst the high towers of this Emirate, it is clearly equally as at home here as it is on the roads of Puglia.

An ‘easy’ drive? Again, yes. Despite (or perhaps because of) its sheer size, the Portofino makes a great city car!

As easy to maneuver as anything you’re currently driving, its all-round visibility is good. You sit low – of course… it’s a Ferrari! I had young nieces in the back seats and their mother in the front. Girls-around-town have never looked more glamorous or been so comfortable.

April in Dubai is still top-down time… and what difference it makes! All the better for capturing the city’s architectural landscape. Roof up, and at speed, the beauty is there’s little to no wind noise. It’s as secure as a hard top – but enjoy it with the roof down as often as you can!

Upon arrival at my choice of hotel – the Bulgari – and, as you’d imagine, the Portofino fitted in like a dream. Elegance meets purpose. Two Italians that have got design down to a tee! Ample room for my overnighter in the trunk, with space for more.

A night on the town? This is when Dubai is at its most glamorous, but the Portofino never sees itself outshone in even this city. We turned heads with admiring glances wherever we went. It’s not ostentatious, but the arrival of a Ferrari Portofino will never go unnoticed.

For 70 years, Ferrari has been getting it right. 7-year-old Ayla was surprisingly excited at the thought of traveling in one. A Ferrari is the first car every child learns about. Why is that? Because a scarlet Ferrari epitomizes everything that is the best in the world of automobiles.

And now, in the Portofino, they’ve created another model to be driven on even the most mundane of journeys. Get yourself one, and its key will be forever in your handbag (or pocket)”.