This fall, Longchamp is celebrating women in all their splendor, their independence and their modern take-charge attitude as they constantly reinvent themselves.

A flashback to the revolutionary 1970s, from bold new colors to comfy yet sophisticated fabrics, Sophie Delafontaine takes us on a journey to the very core of women who own their femininity. Gorgeous, rich hues of lilac and amethyst leave lasting imprints, while red, pink and coral beautifully compliment throughout.

longchamp 2

On the front lines stand two new bags that write their own fashion code. The Pénélope Arty dons an understated medley of metallic, glazed and suede leather for a 3D op-art effect, like an artwork by Victor Vasarely. The Effrontée (French for ‘brazen’) really lives up to its name. Breaking free of convention, it delves into a cheeky composition of contrast and negative space as it cuts seductive, arabesque lines. Decidedly modern, graphic, and abstract, optical trends animate the ready-to-wear collection. A lambskin coat with metallic sleeves in the Op-Art line covered in mesmerizing stripes. Shifting patterns in the Vibration motif magnified by the intensely plush suede on an ankle-length dress. Lamb’s wool or goat hair lavishly draped on coats and cropped jackets that change it up here and there with light pastels.

LONGCHAMP footwear lies at the crossroads of artistry and craftsmanship perhaps seen most prominently in the new Marlène boots. Part calfskin pump, part suede goatskin gaiter – they transform into a chic optical illusion. Every woman is free to fall for a new heeled boot with geometric Pénélope Arty leather patches or the androgynous Effrontée slippers.