Love handles, belly fat, pot-belly, muffin top whatever you call it, is where ‘stubborn fat’ usually love to thrive, especially for men.  Oh yes! This is the first place lads gain it, and sad to say, the last one to get rid off no matter how long they stay in the gym to do their workout. 

Nevertheless, though this may seem to be pretty tough to handle, it is without any doubt that you their folks can win your fight against the ‘love fat’ with a little bit of perseverance – mind setting. First thing, let’s get to know it up close and work our way to destroying them for good.

How do we get them?

There are many causes muffin top develops – genetics, age, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet (sugary stuff, processed food, sweetened beverages, etc.), stress and poor sleep. Moreover, talking about physiology, guys particularly do store fat cells in this region. No, having these bulges in the midsection don’t just happen overnight. The fat accumulates over time and stays in your belly.

Can we get rid of it?

Now that you know the root cause of the build up of fat in the belly, the next thing to do is plan a major shift. Shifting lifestyle to a more active and healthy one is always a good start. Nutrition plays a vital role as well in shredding off extra fat there.

Watch out your food intake. Eat more veggies, fruits, grass-fed meat, eggs and carbs frequently in a good portion. Starving yourself is a big no-no as burning fat will be less of a priority and you’ll just find yourself binging on sugary packed food. When your body is all packed with the good stuff, do accompany it with some muscle-conditioning exercises and a cardio regularly.

For better results, incorporate your regime with a little help from LPG Endermologie. The structured program of natural and non-invasive treatment works effectively in a man’s genetic composition of the connective tissue. It mechanically massages the skin tissue thereby stimulating natural lipolysis by 70% releasing localize stubborn fat and toxins in the stomach, love handles and legs. Additionally, the upper body will be re-sculpted – abs will be firmer, waist, stomach and pectoral muscles (chest muscles) will be reshaped.

Using the new LPG Cellu M6 Alliance, you can try the 40-minute Endermologie ID treatment, which specifically targets the arms, back, pecs, waist, stomach and thigh. The Alliance motorized head makes it possible to slim these areas, even the parts of the body most resistant to exercise and diet, while precisely adapting to the needs of each skin type.

So, didn’t we say we can defeat the pot-belly? Keep this in mind and you’re on your way to having a good physique free from this love handles.