Checklist: Café. Vegan Bakery. Facials. Massages. Daycare. Boarding. Training. Premium brands. Exclusive accessories. Bedding. Apparel. Greenery. Friendly people. Contemporary décor. Community! All in one space!

Yes, animal lover and Luna & Beau’s founder Salman Dashti has successfully and passionately created a wholesome atmosphere changing the culture of pet-ownership and human-animal bonding, bringing pet love, care, and awareness to the forefront.

Tell us a little about Luna & Beau’s concept and the successful year you have had.

Salman Dashti: Luna & Beau is a pet lover’s dream destination. An original concept which combines all the needs of your furry companion plus a nourishing space for the owners to relax and socialize with other like-minded individuals. Our boutique offers the best in pet accessories and products from around the world. Our grooming salon has the finest stylists specializing in unique haircuts and extra special hygiene care, and our hotel offers your best friend the ultimate luxury home-away-from-home with 24/7 care.

Noor Dashti: I believe what made Luna & Beau successful is the fantastic team that we have, we wouldn’t be where we are today without the effort and teamwork of all our excellent staff who work around the clock to ensure our company’s ethics and vision are reflected in our services and atmosphere. Salman and I try our best to make sure that everyone in our team feels comfortable and significant, which is what I personally think is the most crucial factor in any successful enterprise.

In what way do you feel Luna & Beau has contributed to our society as the first of its concept?

I think we created a space for pet lovers to gather and share their passion, which in turn contributed to the creation of a new pet-owner culture in Kuwait. One of the most beautiful comments I ever received was when someone told me that this is the only place in Kuwait where they feel comfortable being approached by strangers. There are many social barriers that we need to work on to overcome them. At Luna & Beau, pet owners can meet like-minded people in a safe, encouraging space, whether they visit with or without their pets. Animals always seem to effortlessly do a great job of breaking the ice.

About the café, tell us more, we’re intrigued!

The idea of having a pet-friendly cafe originated from the lack of such a space in Kuwait. It was frustrating that I couldn’t go anywhere with my pet post-grooming or have a comfortable space to relax while my pet was getting groomed. We also added a pet bakery where we bake fresh pet treats daily and even cater to custom-made birthday cakes for your pet! Our human menu is extensive, as well, with great coffee and other beverages and snacks.

Noor: We love the idea of having a safe and fun environment for pets and their people to come and socialize while enjoying a great cup of coffee.

We make sure we listen to our customers with regular tastings and provide them with only the best coffee beans and food based on our customer’s feedback. It is also vital for us to support local concepts by sourcing our coffee beans and food locally, and we love to introduce new items every season from different local suppliers to support small businesses in Kuwait.

You are continuously collaborating with people from different industries. What is your most recent one, and how did the public react to it?

We love to work with local brands for collaborations. There is so much talent here in Kuwait, and it is always a pleasure to offer them a platform to exhibit their products. 

We are currently working on a collaboration with House of Luster for a capsule collection of acrylic pet beds and cat towers. We realized that many of our discerning customers want to customize their pet furniture, from color, size, material, or just to fit into their home decor. The feedback has been brilliant, and the orders just keep coming in!

Events are almost biweekly at Luna & Beau, which was the most successful one in your opinion, and what drove you to continue hosting these events?

Each one of our events is successful in their own way, with a clear motive behind each of our events. Giving back to the community is valuable for us, so we always make sure to work alongside local non-profits, whether it is to raise money or awareness, such as the charity bazaar for Second Chance Q8 and our dog yoga session (doga) to raise funds for Save a Soul Foundation. 

Does Luna & Beau also have a pet hotel service? If so, how would one register their pet to stay over while they’re on holiday?

Yes, we do have a Pet Hotel, and like everything else, at L&B, our services are one of a kind! Our pet hotel is a boutique hotel with only 6 rooms for cats and 6 for dogs; this ensures that each pet receives the full attention of our pet carers. Our hotel rooms are equipped with pet cube cameras which allow the owner to log in through a mobile application and view their pet when they are away, the cameras also have a treat release option and microphone and speaker so you can talk to your pet and give them treats from across the world. The rooms for cats include a pet cube camera with a laser toy option, which you can also access from your mobile.

Furthermore, we only accept small and medium-sized breeds, because these breeds require a different kind of care than their larger counterparts; providing companionship, mental, and social stimulation for our hotel guests and the care is more personal (one-on-one) with around the clock care for the pets and 24/7 concierge assistance for the owners. Guests can book the stay by calling us on 22089080 or dropping into our branch in Al-Rai.

After celebrating your first anniversary, how do you feel about taking this step and introducing this much-needed concept to the community?

We couldn’t be happier with the feedback we are getting from the community and also from people not in the pet community. We have been able to bridge the gap between the two and have succeeded in changing attitudes towards pets and their owners. One of my favorite things is being able to change the minds of children who wouldn’t touch a pet earlier and to eventually witness them asking to hold a dog for the very first time. 

I think we still have a long way to go to specialize our care, and many may term it as ‘too much pampering for animals,’ but it’s a positive thing. As long as the pet is happy and healthy, why not, right? It promotes the idea of a pet as a member of the family, and it’s better than, say, having a dog tied up outside or kept alone up on the roof, after all, dogs are sentient animals that deserve to be treated well.

What should we be expecting from L&B in the future?

We are always looking to improve and expand our range of products and services. We will be releasing more made-to-order pet furniture and our own range of pet grooming products.

We also want to do more for the pet communities, so we are currently working on collaborating with local co-op boards to introduce pet parks to residential areas, which we think is much needed. Opening new branches is in the pipeline, across the region, and we have also been approached to open branches in Europe and the United States! 

It’s only the start of our journey, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.