Online booking tools are the trend, however the team at Luxuria Kuwait strongly believes their clients deserve individualized, professional one-on-one service before AND throughout their journeys.

“Sophisticated clients have special requirements and demand access to places and experiences, where online cannot cater to”, says Lina Hani, Luxuria’s Marketing Director. “Can online book a one-bedroom suite connected to two rooms on the same floor? A private island? Airport priority handling?” 

By definition, Luxuria is an exceptional group of concierges and passionate travelers. Its aim is to enrich an already elegant lifestyle with tailor-made experiences built around its members’ interests and passions… while at the same time maintaining privacy and sensitivity.

What is the demographic of your clientele? 

Luxuria takes great pride in serving high net worth clients, CEOs, cultural icons, and monarchs on a daily basis. We are the preferred service chosen by those who are keen to enjoy the very best life has to offer. Our clientele mainly comes from Kuwait, Qatar and KSA – across all ages and both genders. 

Who are the advisors we could expect to meet? What’s their background and experience?

Our team of concierge and travel specialists enjoy decades of experience in the luxury services industry. Each member of the Luxuria team is professional, sophisticated, and insightful. They love to explore all the different ways that Luxuria can help members lead an elite lifestyle, and they take great pleasure in doing so every day.

How does membership work? Is it open to all? What’re the criteria?

Membership is by private invitation and referrals only. 

The concierge sector has a chequered reputation – what is your advice to potential members when looking around for the most suitable partner?

We believe in specialization and honesty. Consistency in delivering excellent service is our main goal with the aim of maintaining members and generating new acquisitions.

What services do you offer? What are Luxuria’s key services?

• Travel Arrangements. 

• Hotels and Resorts

• Private Jets

• Airport Priority Handling

• Yacht Charters 

• Private Shopping

• Wellness and beauty

• Fine Dining

• Special Events 

• Summer Camps

• Women-only Trips

• Worldwide shipping

What is the strangest request you’ve received?

It varies from booking an entire hotel floor for one client to delivering 3,000 roses to a suite for an anniversary, and securing a private island in the Maldives and a private jet for a round the world trip. 

Finally, what is luxury today? What’s your view?

Luxury is differentiation and exclusivity. As Coco Chanel put it, “Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity”.