Inspired by the traditional abaya, Maha Ghalayini introduces the Kamaya – an innovative take on the abaya’s modest everyday function, melded with the modernity of a versatile, open or wrap-front garment.

Maha Ghalayini

Elegant, modest and modern, the Kamaya is a nod to every woman’s desire to finish off her look with a bit of flair. It’s trademarked name is also a nod to what the garment embodies: rarity, uniqueness, beauty and desire.

Each unique collection in the Maha Ghalayini brand features a range of Kamayas crafted with care for the everyday stylish woman’s needs when it comes to embracing functional fashion, regardless of the occasion.

For Pre-fall 2017, Maha Ghalayini’s collection is inspired by the elegance and mystery of the desert, with sand hues, and moon-kissed tones. The collection’s materials range from sand-washed pure silk to crisp linen, embodying the epitome of luxury.

With so many unique choices and a bespoke craft with precise attention to detail, the Kamaya is sure to become a valuable statement piece and staple in your wardrobe, be it paired with a casual, smart or formal look.

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