In celebration of the holy month of Ramadan and in recognition of the ongoing support and efforts made by the media, Marina Hotel Kuwait hosted its much-awaited annual Ramadan ghabka at Kamar Al Marina tent in the Six Palms.

Mr. Nabil Hammoud, General Manager of the hotel and the entire management team welcomed guests upon arrival and invited them to enjoy the distinctive hospitality of the special event. The evening revived the traditions of this occasion by offering a range of sumptuous buffet tables filled with delicious Arabic dishes and other cuisines from the live cooking stations.

The special Ghabka buffet included a large array of food, drinks, desserts and flavored Shishato be the perfect place for such a meaningful night during this holy month. The evening was enhanced by the sounds of soft oriental music as well as many activities and competitions to engage all attendees.

The highlight of the evening was an exciting Raffle Draw held on the entrance tickets, which granted a range of fabulous prizes adding more joy to the evening. The Ghabka lasted till after midnight and Marina Hotel ensured that each guest had a truly memorable evening filled with fun and exceptional delight.

Mr. Nabil Hammoud expressed his appreciation to the media for their ongoing support and extended his gratitude to the sponsors of Marina Hotel which included KLM airlines for sponsoring “Kamar Al Marina Tent” for the entire period of Ramadan.

Kamar Al Marina tent is specially prepared every Ramadan with new selective decorations, and Oriental music to reflect the traditional feel of the Holy month. With a capacity to accommodate up to 200 guests, Kamar Al Marina tent has proven to be the favorite venue for companies and individuals to host their own private Ghabkas during the whole month of Ramadan.