A new addition to the signature Cleo by Marli collection, New York based jewelry brand reveals its latest “Rev” collection, a revolution of innovation and technique. 

Taking inspiration from the French word “Reve”, meaning dream, the collection embodies the dreamer spirit of New York. Rev encapsulates the strength and power inside oneself to make dreams into a reality. Rev is also short for revolution, focusing on revolution through innovation. The collection is a fusion of innovative and revolutionary designs with modern techniques reflecting New York City architecture.

Rev collection is a strong depiction of MARLI craftsmanship by evoking emotion and technique through its use of innovation. The collection combines lustrous gold, radiant diamonds, and precious stones including Black Onyx, Red Coral, Pink Coral, and Green Agate, together to create pieces that every woman can wear to reflect their beauty and power.

The newest collection is a representation of the MARLI women who carries out her dreams to reach unlimited possibilities. Behind every dream, there is an innovation waiting to happen is the true essence of Rev.

“For me, the Cleo Rev is a radiant collection that perfectly represents the spirit of MARLI, and what we stand for. To ensure every woman has something to wear that helps express her beauty and individuality.”-Maral Artinian, Founder and Creative Director of MARLI.

True to its name, Rev, is the perfect representation of the MARLI dream, “We dreamt of innovation. We created Rev.”