Fahad and Shouq’s journey into designing and styling was initially driven by their passion for art and design. The brand Marzook creates handmade luxury art forms. Each design is individually unique, finding inspiration from art, architecture, and nature. Introducing distortions in design by breaking norms and not being a systematic arrangement.

Marzook’s exquisite line of accessories consists of precious metals, plexiglass resins, and Swarovski encrusted spherical shapes and styles. The designs draw inspiration from a rich mix of Eastern and Western cultures, which reflect the world the brand was developed in.

The collection is a reverence to modern-day objet d’art. Celebrities all over the world have been spotted sporting the Pill bag and the Orb clutch at major red carpet and fashion events such as The Met Gala and Cannes Film Festival.

Other than accessories, during Ramadan 2019, Marzook introduced a ready-to-wear capsule collection to celebrate the season.