Marzook displays a resurgence of this generation’s most iconic art masterpieces. Finding a fit within a daring concept, whimsical and edgy design direction filled with juxtapositions and graphic statements. The collection hints that the art is about the conflict of what is visibly hidden and what is visibly present in society.

As a sibling duo, Marzook’s journey into designing and styling is driven by passion for art and design. The founders Fahad and Shouq Al-Marzook design to push boundaries, to challenge fashion norms, and to create what they believe is the expression of individuality.

The Marzook name has definitely caught everyone’s attention with their bold designs and unique collections. In our opinion, how can you not love the brand when the designers themselves are fashion icons; style, grace, and a classy lifestyle to go with! Here’s what the Marzook’s have to say about their Spring/Summer ’18 collection and a bit more too!

Fahad Al-Marzook started studying Communication in Boston and finished his Degree in Kuwait, Shouq studied Civil Engineering in Kuwait and then went on to complete her Masters in Business Administration. The sibling duo have always loved fashion and creating beautiful things. Fahad entered the fashion industry 8 years ago and then two years later Shouq joined the team and they rebranded to MARZOOK, and they soon went international.

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When did your love for fashion start and what made you dive into it? We both had a passion for fashion and design since we were children. We got it from our parents, who were also huge fashion lovers who were always well-dressed. Our mom was known as a trend-setter of her generation. We don’t have a certain image for fashion, it’s whatever you want it to be, whatever you want to wear. From our family’s perspective, there are no limits, just be yourself!

When was Marzook officially established and what was the inspiration behind the brand? It was officially established 6 years ago, in 2014. Our connection and bond transcends into our designs and brand and this is what we came up with, a brand that represents a mature version of ourselves. Tell us about the latest collection and the inspiration behind it.

We called it “life imitating art” and the collection was mainly inspired by the veil “hijab”, modesty in general. We wanted to show people that it could be modest, elegant and beautiful at the same time. For the campaign, we took iconic artwork such as the Mona Lisa and made these relative to the collection; we basically put a veil on the women in the painting and made it beautiful and relevant to the region.

How would you describe each of your personal styles? Each sibling should describe the other.

Fahad: Shouq style-wise is very chic. She evolved from being very trendy and over the top to very elegant, chic, and cool. I think this is the base of what she goes with.

Shouq: Fahad transcended from being full on fashion (he used to try every trend and was not afraid of color) to a subtler style and monochromatic colors.

What are your future plans for Marzook? We are working on a few more collaborations. We are also working on perfecting the brand, perfecting the bags, creating the “it” bag that people want to buy. In addition, we are expanding to leather goods in the upcoming Fall/Winter ’18 collection, which we just showed in Paris; the collection has leather every-day bags.

What was the funniest incident you encountered during one of your fashion week events There was an incident during Fall/Winter ’17 – we were showing at Paris, completely by ourselves, and it was the first time it was just us two, without any help whatsoever, no showroom,
no salesperson, just us! It was one of the most challenging times. We were simultaneously pouring coffee, handing out the treats, cleaning, whilst showing our latest collection. It was a very humble experience and funny at the same time.

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