Sibling duo Fahad and Shouq AlMarzook recently launched the Ramadan capsule collection for their eponymous brand Marzook. Best-known for their line of bags, this season will also see the brand’s first ready-to-wear kaftan line. Inspired by the Queen of Sheba, the kaftan collection uses opulent materials and elegant wide-leg silhouettes to tell the story of women empowerment, grace and beauty.

“We were inspired by the Queen of Sheba while watching a documentary about her.  She was a mysterious women, someone who inspired both historical and religious texts. The legend of Queen of Sheba, originated from what is now known as Yemen, the place where Arab civilization flourished, and speaks of a singular woman: one of intense sophistication, inimitable power, and unimaginable wealth,” said Shouq, one-half of the sibling duo that makes up Marzook.

“While we wanted to create something inspired by the Queen of Sheba, we also wanted it to be relevant to our time. Contemporary pieces that are more classical than seasonal in nature. For us the modern Queen of Sheba is a beautiful woman, adorned in luxurious materials, feathers, and soft sequins. Her colors are romantic: pink, white, yellow. Her silhouette is one of power, grace, and unequalled confidence,” added Fahad.

Kaftans have long been known as a garment that broke away from societal expectation to create a form of self-expression, they liberated Western women from corsets in the early 20th century, and in the years since they have become a symbol of timeless design in contemporary fashion.

The Queen of Sheba collection has a very Middle Eastern, Arabian Nights vibe to it with flowing gowns and dresses that use rich and luxurious fabrics. Plisse features predominantly throughout the collection, as well as Plexiglas belts that add a bit of shape to this otherwise loose garment. Elements like long slits, and transparency of fabric also add a touch of sensuousness to the collection. All the dresses are brought to life by couture tailors in Lebanon, ensuring that every stitch in exactly where it should be.

In addition to the ready-to-wear collection, Marzook has also collaborated with contemporary artist Nugamshi for the second time to create an exclusive line of bags for the season. Each bag is imprinted with Queen of Sheba’s name in the calligraphy prominent during her reign. What makes every piece truly unique is a splash of paint across the calligraphic words which depicts a spontaneous-ness on the artist’s behalf that cannot be replicated.

Marzook’s Ramadan collection last year sold out in record time, and from the looks of it, this year seems to be no different.