We all know the health benefits of green tea, and we all went all obsessive drinking a few cups a day and googling all about green tea capsules (which are really bad for your health!). Nowadays we’re hearing the word matcha a lot. 

Matcha lattes. Matcha brownies. All matcha everything! What is it exactly?

Matcha is a green powdered tea that originates from Japan. The processing procedures are a bit different than other teas, that is what gives it its sweetness. Also, the procedures increase the health benefits of matcha green tea. Some of the main benefits are: 

(1) High in antioxidants 

(2) Increases energy levels 

(3) Burn calories 

(4) Detoxifies the body 

(5) Good for the immune system, and many more! 

Go ahead and grab a matcha frappe after breakfast.